Executive Mentorship

Executive Mentorship


Provide an opportunity for Chapter members including graduate students, early careerists, mid careerist and senior careerists to take advantage of a mentor – protégé relationship. This professional relationship will provide an invaluable educational and growth opportunity for the protégé and an avenue for the mentor to give back to our vocation.


  • Mentors: Mid and senior careerist who are in good standing with the Chapter
  •  Protégés: Graduate students and early careerists who are in good standing with the Chapter


Previously the committee had a yearly cutoff date for application to the mentorship program. To create greater access to the program, the committee has chosen to transition to continuous enrollment of both mentors and protégés. This means that at any time during the year a protégé or mentor can apply to the program. The committee will continue to pair mentors and protégés based on common interests, growth needs and location. There is no guarantee that protégés will be matched with a mentor but the committee will continually solicit Chapter members for participation. All pairs will be formally assigned to each other for a period of one year after which the pair can continue informally on their own accord.

An assessment form will be sent to you to help us improve the program.  The form will be sent to both individuals the month prior to the one year anniversary.


  • Mentors: In addition to the satisfaction of aiding in the development of the next generation of healthcare executives, mentors also get points from ACHE National towards their recognition program.
  • Protégés: Have the opportunity to develop professional by interacting with current healthcare executives.

Mentorship Application

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