Healthcare Education

Houston Area Universities Offering Graduate Health Administration Programs

In Houston we are fortunate to have a variety of educational options available to those interested in pursuing a master’s degree in this field. These include:

Texas A&M University – Department of Health Policy and Management


Texas Women’s University

TWU-HOUSTON offers a master’s degree program in health care administration. The program was established in 1973 and is accredited by the Accrediting Commission on Education for Health Services Administration (ACEHSA). This program is designed to prepare you for a career as an administrator or staff specialist in health care institutions or agencies that involve the provision, financing, regulation or insuring of health services. Advanced studies in business management, health facilities organization and operations, strategic planning and decision-making will give you the specialized knowledge and skills needed to lead and administer today’s complex health care systems. The program averages 75 students and accepts approximately 25 new students annually. Located in the Heart of the Texas Medical Center students have an opportunity to learn and work in one of the most exciting medical care environments in the world. Classes are offered in the evening, on weekends and by internet allowing pursuit of the master’s degree on a part-time basis.


University of Houston – Clear Lake