Mission & Purpose

Our Mission and Purpose

The purpose of the ACHE – SouthEastTexasChapter (an independent affiliation with the American College of Healthcare Executives) is to assist and support, on a local level, the stated goals and objectives of ACHE.

There is no question that belonging to the ACHE – SouthEastTexas Chapter, would make an impressive statement about you to anyone in healthcare. Membership in ACHE SouthEastTexas Chapter is widely recognized as a mark of commitment to your chosen field.

But today, there’s an even more important reason you should consider joining. You need to make the most of every resource that can help you become more effective in your professional life and career.

Here are just a small number of reasons how being part of ACHE SouthEastTexas Chapter can help you:

  • Networking opportunities with key members of our local healthcare community!
  • Quarterly breakfast meetings featuring engaging speakers!
  • Opportunities to volunteer and make a difference to those in need!
  • Membership in one of the largest ACHE Chapters in the Nation!
  • Educational resources for all stages of career and professional advancement!
  • And many, many more…Join Today!