Sponsor Corner- Abbott Nutrition

Abbott Nutrition collaborates with healthcare organizations to provide therapeutic nutrition products and nutrition quality improvement processes. Abbott Nutrition partners with customers to positively impact patients’ health across their lifespan and the healthcare continuum. The ultimate goal is to help patients live life to the fullest by receiving evidence-based, equitable, and targeted nutrition care through their healthcare journey and to improve both patient and provider outcomes. The acute care team supports the consistent and timely implementation of nutrition care processes for malnourished inpatients, patients with wounds, and surgical patients from admission to discharge. Our outpatient teams support the equitable implementation of nutrition quality improvement processes and resources during transitions of care, chronic care management, oncology services and general wellness in the ambulatory space.

Please reach out to Sara Favinsky at sara.favinsky@abbott.com for acute care and Kim Bandelier at kimberley.bandelier@abbott.comfor outpatient clinics to learn more about improving patient outcomes with a low-cost, low-risk intervention, nutrition. 

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