Membership Spotlight: Danie Freeman, MBA, FACHE

Please tell us a little about your background and what inspired you to pursue a career in healthcare:

I started my professional career in accounting, specifically tax and small business accounting.  I transitioned into healthcare starting at Baylor College of Medicine in a budgeting/operations capacity and later transitioned to Pediatr

ics and Texas Children’s Hospital where I’ve been for the past five years – specifically in Neonatology/NICU.  I tell everyone I have THE best job in the world – having the privilege of collaborating with world-renowned physicians in research, education and innovation has been inspiring, humbling and fulfilling.  Every day, our teams take care of some of the most critically ill and vulnerable patient populations and it’s a collective effort in striving towards best possible outcomes for these kiddos and their families.  It wasn’t my original intention to work in healthcare but now I cannot imagine anything else (or less)!

What activities do you like to do in your free time?

I spend the majority of my free time with my kids (both NICU graduates, now 3 yrs. and 9 mo.), my husband and our two cats.  When I get my alone time (rare), I love reading; golden age mysteries (Agatha Christie), mysteries in general, and business books (HBR, Simon Sinek, etc.).  When I’m not at work… I’m very shy, introverted and the ultimate homebody.   I do occasionally talk myself into going to [and enjoying] the theatre and was super excited to attend the World Premier of Agatha Christie’s The Murder of Roger Ackroyd at the Alley Theatre this summer!

What is your favorite ACHE memory or activity?

My favorite ACHE memory/activity so far has been networking with fellow members – I’ve run into several members “in the wild” and have loved realizing our connection through the ACHE; we’ve recognized each other by name due to our virtual world of Teams/Zoom meetings, so it’s been a treat meeting people in person and connecting a face to familiar names.

How do you envision healthcare in the next 10 years?

AIn the next 10 years, I envision [and am excited for] healthcare embracing AI and how it can contribute to preventative and predictive medicine: specifically for women and children and continuing our commitment, transparency and inclusivity in health equity and best outcomes for all patients.

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