2022 ACHE-SETC Chapter Awards


To recognize the tremendous engagement of our members, the Awards Committee of ACHE-SETC is seeking nominations for the following ACHE-SETC awards:

1. ACHE-SETC Outstanding Community Contribution Award
2. ACHE–SETC Organizational Leadership Award
3. ACHE–SETC Rising Star Award
4. ACHE-SETC Sponsor of the Year Award
5. ACHE-SETC Volunteer of the Year Award
6. ACHE-SETC Committee Chair of the Year Award
7. ACHE-SETC Committee Person of the Year Award

Anyone may submit a nomination for any of the ACHE-SETC Chapter awards with the nominee’s permission.  Nominations must clearly document why the candidate should be considered for the award and must adhere to the nomination guidelines:

a. Nominee must be a member of the ACHE-South East Texas Chapter

b. Candidates may not be currently serving as chapter officers or awards committee members

c. Self-nominations will not be entertained

Please submit your nominations through the nomination form by October 14, 2022.  Click HERE to access the nomination form and details.

Award recipients will be announced at the annual award ceremony/gala.

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