Sponsor Spotlight: Luminare

Luminare‘s mission is to make healthcare more efficient using its expertise in healthcare and technology to eliminate sepsis deaths. Luminare‘s software has been shown to accelerate the identification of infections and speed up the implementation of sepsis protocols in care settings. The ensuing fast treatment decreases ICU admissions, ICU lengths of stay, and ventilator utilization, and improves sepsis survival while generating new revenue for hospitals. Luminare‘s AI Platform allows hospitals to identify sepsis faster and recommend treatments based on precision medicine which eliminates alert fatigue that has plagued AI-based alarms.
Recent Update: Luminare has graduated from the Mayo Clinic Platform Accelerate program! With their collaboration, Luminare has launched “Emily” an AI sepsis phenotyping system built on 3.5 million patient records from the Mayo Clinic Platform.  More information about this recent development can be found on the Mayo Clinic’s News Network.


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