Webinar: Emotional Intelligence and Wellness in the Time of COVID

Emotional Intelligence and Wellness in the Time of COVID

July 30 @ 12:00 pm – 1:30 pm

With Jonathan Fanning
Parent, Author, Leadership Development Expert, Entrepreneur, Citizen

Emotions are contagious and affect everything more deeply and frequently than we care to admit. In turbulent times, like our current viral pandemic, elevated emotions bombard us from every angle. Do emotions ever get you in trouble? How much time and energy does your team spend dealing with overreaction, frustration, anxiety, fear, doubt, misunderstanding, uncertainty? Is emotional overload affecting your health, relationships, work culture, and family? Are you consumed with the catastrophe, or in COVID crisis? Jonathan shares simple strategies to stay emotionally healthy and have a positive influence on those around you, even in the toughest times. Join us for this program full of memorable stories, real-life scenarios, and a simple blueprint to help you take your EQ to the next level.
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