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Back in 2014, Dr. Sarma Velamuri was working as an Internal Medicine doctor at a transplant center. While working in the hospital’s committee to figure out how to identify infections faster, his friend’s daughter was admitted to the ICU and died from septic shock. After reviewing her medical record, he found that the software had failed her. He felt that the software should have predicted what was going to happen to her days before it happened so he decided to mortgage his house and start a company that would build better software: Luminare.


Luminare’s mission is to stop death and morbidity through efficient, software-driven workflow optimization and digitization of manual processes. Luminare was awarded Most Promising Web & IT company in the US in 2017 by Jones School of Business at Rice University and is also an alum from cohort X6 of the Texas Medical Center’s accelerator, TMCX+. Luminare has previously partnered with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention on their interoperability showcase on sepsis to demonstrate their software, Sagitta, to effectively move patient care. When the pandemic hit, Luminare developed Quickscreen, an innovative COVID-19 screening tool to help people get back to work and keep businesses safe. The company also created Innoculate, a vaccine management solution, to help administrators effectively and efficiently manage and distribute vaccines.

As the world starts opening back up, Luminare is still focused on identifying and treating sepsis. The company is working on improving its sepsis management tool, Sagitta, and is looking for feedback on a 2-minute survey. Your feedback is greatly appreciated.

In addition, Luminare is excited to announce the launch of MARS, an end-to-end multi-agency response system that has a centralized public portal to register for services and a backend workflow management solution for meeting the needs of your community in a pandemic, public emergency, or disaster. The company is also launching Leonardo, the foundation to Luminare’s portfolio of healthcare solutions. Leonardo is an abstractor and aggregator of data from hospital systems for specific medical conditions, DRG, and CMS billing codes. Leonardo can be queried for registry and certification reporting, advanced analytics, and decision support.


To learn more about Luminare, please visit www.luminaremed.com.

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