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“What’s up Boss?” Event Breaks Attendance Record!

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Since 2005, when Mark Wallace, President/CEO, Texas Children’s Hospital came up with the idea of a “What’s up Boss?” (WUB) event to bring seasoned executives, early and mid-careerists and health administration graduate students together for an evening of shared professional experiences and career advice, this once-every-two-years program has proven to be quite a popular tradition. This year the record was broken with 163 in attendance at Trevisio’s Restaurant, TMC. Over 40 healthcare leaders from the southeast Texas region graciously set aside a few hours of their personal time Thursday evening, after a full day at the office, to serve as Leader Hosts to provide the benefit of their wisdom to those seeking advice on further developing their career pattern. For the first time, in the history of WUB, those seeking advice had the opportunity to sit down with two different executives for the evening (45 minutes during dinner with a first leader and 45 minutes during dessert with a second leader). From all accounts, the movement of the attendees to their second leader’s table, after the first 45 minutes, went very smoothly and there were no collisions reported.

This year’s WUB event was generously supported by The Hunton Group and Medistar. Todd A. Caliva, FACHE, President/Chair, 2011 ACHE-SETC, honored R. O. Hunton, P.E., Chairman and CEO of The Hunton Group of companies (Hunton Trane Service, et al), for his very generous support to the Chapter over the past couple of years. Todd also gave special recognition to Monzer Hourani, President of Medistar, for his many years of support to the Chapter and presented Monzer with a check from ACHE-SETC for one of his favorite charities, Virtuosi of Houston (“A 501(c) 3 organization, Virtuosi was formed in 1996 to increase education and performance opportunities leading to a music profession for Houston’s exceptionally gifted middle to high school age musicians and to bring an expanded repertoire of chamber works to Houston audiences.”). During his presentation to both honorees, Todd Caliva stated, “We are very fortunate to have community leaders like R.O. Hunton and Monzer Hourani invest in the Chapter’s ongoing educational events and scholarship programs that support future healthcare leaders. Without such support the Chapter would not be able to achieve its goals and objectives to meet the needs of its professional members.”

If you would like to view all the photos taken during the WUB reception and dinner click on the following link:  https://picasaweb.google.com/112329674945518276373/20111020WhatSUpBossAtTrevisio?authkey=Gv1sRgCPKz6_LCyuOjpwE#

(Note: all photographs courtesy of Gus Salinas & Dr. Fine, SLEHS)

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