2021 Healthcare Leadership Conference


Healthcare is a uniquely “human” industry: one where relationships matter and the difference between an “in-person” vs. “virtual” experience is incredibly vast.  This year’s ACHE SETC Leadership Conference delivered across the board, delivering a strong mix of content-rich programming and subject matter experts, along with real opportunities for attendees to connect, learn and grow.

-Paul McCleary

“The conference provided a refreshing opportunity to see friends and colleagues after months of virtual meetings. I found the sessions to be extremely relevant to the current challenges we face; and the facilitators, panelists, and presenters were exceptional in conveying their stories and the lessons that I can take back to my team and put into practice.”

-Greg Haralson, FACHE

For many of us the ACHE Leadership Conference was a chance to come together, in person, for the first time in 18 months.  The conference did not disappoint.  Across the two days we were inspired by keynote speakers Dan Thurmon and Quint Studer who reminded us in different ways why we chose careers in healthcare.  We were also given a front row seat to several important panels where weighty and timely topics such as equity, marginalization, disruption, innovation, and workforce rejuvenation, to name a few, were discussed by leading experts.  The insights were many.  The time spent together was, without question, valuable.

-Tim Harlin, FACHE

This conference has been refreshing and enlightening. Enjoyed the captivating discussions of

current healthcare topics, shared learning, and healthcare leader community connection the

conference pulls together.

-Doug Cagle